Pirelli Tyres: The Best Tyres for Motorcycles

If you’re a motorcycle rider, you should only trust the tyres known for their performance on motorcycles of all kinds. Of the thousands of tyre brands out there, only one is known specifically for its performance on motorcycles. Although all tyre brands will say they offer supreme performance on the roadway, Pirelli tyres has the track record to prove that it is best for motorcycles. After reading about Pirelli’s main accomplishments and awards in this area, you’ll only trust your motorcycle in the hands of the proven experts.

Pirelli Tyre Motorcycle Track Record

Pirelli has received a number of incredible honours and awards in the motorcycle arena. Just some are listed below:

  • Since 2007, Pirelli is the only tyre brand allowed in the FIM World Superbike Championship. This really says it all about Pirelli’s relationship with the word of motorcycles. Out of all the brands on the market, it is only Pirelli that the FIM entrusts with its championship each year.

  • Pirelli is also the sole brand allowed to supply the British Superbike Championship each year. One of the top motorcycle races in the world, the BSC knows to trust Pirelli with its well-established race.

  • Pirelli also acts as official supplier to the World Rally Championship each year, with the WRC switching to Pirelli from Goodyear in honour of Pirelli’s proven track record and expertise with motorbikes.

If the largest and most respected motorcycle races in the world know to turn to Pirelli tyres for their events, then you should, too. The top racers this world has to offer all trust Pirelli for maximum performance on their bikes. No other brand comes close.

Turning To the Net

All you need to do is turn to the Net to make your decision on Pirelli tyres. Poll your fellow motorcycle lovers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. You’re sure to receive overwhelming feedback in support of this brand. The testimonials from Pirelli users should be enough to convince you. If you’re still unsure, why not post your questions to the forum? Fellow forum members will be quick to weigh in on your questions and concerns, providing their advice on Pirellis for specific bikes, specific performance needs, and their experience with the Pirelli tyre brand.

When it comes to motorcycles, put your trust in Milan’s finest.

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3 Important Tips When Looking for Mercedes Wheels in Australia

Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s leading makers of luxury cars, and their cars are highly sought after by consumers for their style, elegance, and performance. The cars themselves are expensive enough, especially in Australia, because of their status as a luxury brand, and when you end up needing to repair or change certain parts of your Mercedes, it could end up costing you a large sum of cash. Mercedes wheels are particularly expensive and if you aren’t careful, you could easily find yourself being ripped off. Here are some tips to help ensure you find the wheels you want at the price you want to pay:

  1. Do Your Research: We live in an incredible age of technology, so be sure to utilise it! Do a simple search on the web and try to be as specific as possible in your search. Don’t just check out whatever comes up first or seems to be the easiest. In most cases, if you need legitimate Mercedes wheels, you could likely just go to a Mercedes dealership or contact Mercedes-Benz Australia. But, they might not have the selection you are looking for, or their prices might not be to your liking. It’s the 21st century, and the Internet is as easy to use as it ever will be, so be sure to take advantage of it.

  2. Take Your Time: Again, don’t be hasty. Unless you absolutely need new wheels, in case you’ve been in an accident, take as much time as you need. If you find sellers online, message them or speak with them over the phone. Make multiple inquiries if you have to. See if places would be willing to haggle, or wait and see if they have any potential upcoming sales that could save you some money. Unless you are in an emergency situation, finding the wheels you want is important, so take your time.

  3. Be Wary: Even if you are buying from the main supplier of Mercedes wheels, you could find yourself being scammed. Know exactly what you want, how much it costs, and demonstrate that you’ve done your research and won’t be taken advantage of by sellers. Try to stay away from individual sellers on online sites like eBay unless you have personally bought from them in the past and trust them. If you have the ability to buy your wheels in person, see if you can look at them before you buy them to see if they are to your liking. Don’t worry about coming off as overbearing; it’s your decision, and, more importantly, your money!

Wheels are an important part of your Mercedes, both in terms of performance and look. So be sure to take your time, use all available resources, and exercise caution when trying to find the right place to buy wheels for your Mercedes!

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Three Things You Never Knew About Mercedes Tyres

As a Mercedes lover, you already know the main benefits of Mercedes tyres. You’re familiar with how the Mercedes brand hugs the road for those smooth turns. You know about the clean ride where you it feels like you’re gliding inches above the road. Plus, you’re more than familiar with their performance in times of need, stopping on a dime or making sudden movements to avoid accidents or road debris. But these are just the most obvious benefits of Mercedes tyres. There are others you may not have thought about or noticed.

Down To The Last Detail

Known for its excellence in all things automotive, the Mercedes brand is famous for its thorough perfection of the fine details. This attention to the little things extends to their tyres as well. Here are three facts you may not have known about Mercedes tyres:

  • The swing axel – Have you ever wondered why the tyres on your Mercedes feel so aligned when making hard turns? This is due to the swing axel, which places all tyres on the same trajectory during performance. The swing axel gives you that well-aligned feel that Mercedes is known for. Drivers can feel the road but never in a harsh way. This is the work of the swing axel, which was first emulated by Mercedes.

  • Even the spares are unique – When it comes to spare tyres, Mercedes certainly doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. The spares Mercedes supplies are what are known as “super space savers.” Unlike other spares, the Mercedes brand comes deflated, meaning they will take up much less space that your average unwieldy spare. These are easily inflated before use using the car’s cigarette lighter. With Mercedes, even the spares are well thought out.

  • Bad weather excellence – Most tyre manufacturers guarantee excellent performance in bad weather, but Mercedes tyres back up these claims with facts. In mud or snow, Mercedes tyres increase stopping distance by up to three car lengths, or by 25 percent, as they are designed to increase grip and malleability in bad conditions. So, while all major brands will have high mud and snow ratings, Mercedes has the math to prove it.

Beyond the benefits you already knew about, Mercedes tyres pack a punch on the fine details too. To find out more, query your Twitter followers or Facebook friends and you’re bound to get a whole lot of insight from the Mercedes lovers in your life. At the end of the day, everyone knows that Mercedes tyres are an unbeatable brand.

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Holden Commodore Wheels: Designed For Speed

When it comes to speed, of course a car’s engine and aerodynamic build have a lot to do with gaining the advantage. You most likely know that the car’s wheels are important in terms of handling under high speeds, but did you know that some wheels are specifically designed to increase and hold speed as well? This is where Holden Commodore wheels come into play.

The Alloy Difference

In order to increase speed, a set of tyres firstly needs to be light in build. The great thing about Holden Commodore wheels is that they’re made from alloy, which is incredibly light when compared to other tyres. The next time you’re around a Commodore wheel, just pick it up and see the difference. It’s so light you can easily hold it in one hand, throw it in the air, and catch it. This would require superhuman strength if performed with a non-alloy brand!

Alloy makes a difference in that it never holds the vehicle back from attaining maximum speed. There is no weight bogging down the vehicle’s engine, allowing for full performance speed-wise. They also help in the handling of the vehicle, taking smooth turns and hugging the road, which allows the driver to push up the speed even further without the risk of losing control of the vehicle. Alloy wheels are also aerodynamic in design, catching the wind at just the right angle to actually increase the speed of the vehicle. With this dual dedication to speed and safety, alloy wheels are perfect for those with the need for speed.

The Proof is on the Net

One of the best ways to determine the wheels that are right for you is to turn to the Internet forums. Over at various websites and forums, you’ll find many discussions on the subject, including many on the need for speed. The conclusion you can draw from these discussions is that Holden Commodore wheels are built for the speed and safety you desire. Everyone seems to love these rims for their high-speed vehicles. If you have any specific questions that haven’t been addressed in any of the ongoing discussions, don’t hesitate to post your question. Your fellow forum members will be sure to weigh in with opinions gained from experience on which rims are built best for speed.

Don’t forget to poll your Facebook friends and Twitter followers as well. This is a great way to gain advice from those in your circle who share the same need for speed. At the end of the day, you can feel confident you’ve chosen the best rims to meet your dual goals of speed and safety.

If speed is your desire, never rule out Holden Commodore wheels. With their alloy make and aerodynamic aspects, these wheels are just built for speed and performance.

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Would My Car Benefit from Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels have proven to be a remarkable and increasingly popular alternative to their steel predecessors. Besides their unique aesthetic qualities, alloy wheels tend to increase the practical responsiveness of a vehicle by removing unnecessary bulk from the car’s overall mass. Aluminium and magnesium amalgams are most common, and both are usually selected for their superior performance in key areas.

Understanding the unique practicality of alloy wheels involves making a distinction between everything underneath your automobile’s suspension (which is primarily supported by the ground), and the weight that is fully supported by your car’s suspension system. Alloy wheels significantly decrease the mass of this first system (which directly contacts the ground), and so causes that system overall to generate less jarring force against the suspension-supported system above it.

The result is a smoother experience for most drivers, with fewer counterproductive bumps reaching the passengers’ interior. Every bump that your vehicle encounters sends a jolt of force up through your tyres and into the metal wheels themselves. A car’s shock absorbers are designed to dissipate this force, and to keep it from bothering passengers. Alloy wheels help shock absorbers operate more effectively, because lighter components respond more smoothly to outside impulses of force (such as bumps in the road).

Whereas a steel component might collide with more obvious force into a rock or similar obstacle, an alloy wheel is much more likely to sink uneventfully against its shock. Ride quality, general handling, and fuel economy are all improved by lightweight alloy wheels for a single reason: alloys require less mechanical force to accelerate and decelerate than heavier options do. When alloy wheels are combined with tyres that complement their features, you are sure to notice an improvement in performance.

The specifics regarding the ideal tyre and wheel combination for your car will ultimately depend on your own driving habits and priorities as a motorist. It should also be mentioned that alloy wheels have an increased capacity to dissipate heat generated by the brake pads and other friction-heavy components surrounding it, and so augment some systems in this way as well.

Remember that it is a combination of both appropriate wheels and suitable tyres that ultimately dictates your car’s overall responsiveness, and so specific research that relates to your vehicle’s class, size, and weight is essential. You should also consult with a mechanic (or knowledgeable friend) about how the installation of alloy wheels might specifically augment a given vehicle’s performance.

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